Six Sigma Champion & Mentor

This workshop class covers the skills and activities required of Six Sigma champions and mentors. It is intended for managers and senior staff who typically serve as sponsors and advisors to Six Sigma projects without typically being involved in the day-to-day execution of those projects. Project success often comes down to the level of support received from champions and mentors as Green Belt staff attempt to conduct improvement and design projects using Six Sigma tools and techniques. (1 day, $6,500, Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Six Sigma)


  1. Provide managers the tools they need to promote and encourage Green Belt projects in their areas.
  2. Teach managers the questions they should be asking of their staff when reviewing Green Belt projects.
  3. Enable managers to give their staff improved levels of support and resources; increasing the success rate of staff Green Belt projects.


  1. Maintaining the Initiative
    - Infrastructure
    - Integration
    - Training
    - Visibility

  2. Identifying & Chartering Projects
    - Assigning teams
    - Planning communication
    - State gate planning
    - Championing
    - Mentoring

  3. Conducting Project Reviews
    - Key questions
    - Key tools
    - Common pitfalls

  4. Assuring Controlled Results
    - Policy review & updates
    - Dashboard integration
    - Scorecard integration


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