Fundamentals of Six Sigma

This course provides an introduction to the broad view of Six Sigma, including its origins and core principles. The process improvement DMAIC lifecycle is introduced with example and demonstration project materials used to illustrate the flow and power of the primary Six Sigma approach. A variety of Design for Six Sigma lifecycle models are also demonstrated. This course provides a comprehensive overview as a starting point for subsequent learning. (2 days, $12,000, Recommended prerequisite: Introduction to Quality Principles)

Course Outline

Origins of Six Sigma in Quality Management
- Quality Control
- Total Quality Management

Quantification in Six Sigma
- Defects & Defectives
- Measurement & Variation
- Process Capability
- Sigma Score

DMAIC Improvement Lifecycle
- Define Phase
- Measure Phase
- Analyze Phase
- Improve Phase
- Control Phase

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Lifecycles
- Exploratory Design
- Optimizing Design
- Innovation Design

Organizational Issues in Six Sigma
- Roles & Responsibilities
- Lifecycle Integration
- Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma's Future



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