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Our work with many professional organizations and clients provides opportunities to develop new and exciting materials in support of information technology organization, systems, and quality management.  Where our research and volunteer efforts result in general materials that aren't proprietary to any particular client, we offer them here as a service to all readers.

IT Process Management

Project Lifecycle

The DOQS Project Lifecycle (including Handbook, Checklists, and Forms) is the internal pseudo-waterfall project lifecycle used by Data-Oriented Quality Solutions whenever working with clients who do not themselves have an adequate project lifecycle process to assure project success. The lifecycle includes process maturity requirements consistent with SEI SW-CMM Level 2 behaviors.

Best Practice Guide

Biomedical Informatics

Other Possibilities


White Papers

Recommended Readings

Many professionals struggle to keep up with the current literature in the field, and those who have some time struggle to know what to read first. Your focus will depend on your areas of interest and previous experiences, but here is a suggested reading list for professionals interested in the intersection of software engineering and quality management.