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Creating effective business process using information technology requires taking a whole systems approach to requirements, design, implementation, and deployment. Systems represent the interaction of people and their organizations with the information and process technologies needed to achieve quality results. At Data-Oriented Quality Solutions, we take a whole systems approach to implementing data-oriented process improvement through the design and deployment of state-of-the-art information technology. This requires defining an effective combination of organization, technology, and process into combined systems, the essential defining nature of which is lost if any component is missing.

Requirements Management

Project and organizational success often centers on improving organizational practices and capabilities for requirements definition and management. Our services include conducting requirments elicitation and analysis activities at the project level, including facilitating large or small requirements sessions, modeling requirements findings, and assisting in the transition of business and functional requirements into design activities and deliverables.

Software Engineering

Sound engineering of software requires the rigorous application of principles and techniques, many derived directly from the quality and process management disciplines. Our services work to promote rigorous tool application at the project level. Systematic modeling and analysis techniques, using a combination of traditional data and process modeling approaches cojupled with the synergy provided by the integration of quality techniques such as Quality Function Dedployment, all us to assist in the effective engineering of software solutions based on sound engineering and management practices.

Data Warehousing

The design and development of data warehouses is a cornerstone service provided by our team. The collection and aggregation of data from across an enterprise into a consolidated warehouse for analytics and reporting has grown in functionality and maturity over the past 30 years.  Our specialty is the star-schema model based on combinations of fact and dimension tables. Our first implementation of such a star design was for a client in 1979, and we've been improving our general design ever since.  We emphasize designs that are highly extensible and that require very minimal maintenance.

Quality Engineering

Because we integrate systems engineering with quality management, our services include engineering quality into all of the products and services that we design for clients. We encourage the inclusion of both process quality and product quality in all of our systems efforts.  Process quality includes assuring that development projects take advantage of quality disciplines in their approaches, while product quality includes the incorporation of statistical controls and dashboards into eveyr system process and deliverable.

Standards Compliance

Organization looking for comprehensive improvement in quality capability typically gain advantage from adopting and adapting external standards. The alternative requires extensive work that simply ends up reinventing the scope and content of existing standards, and such in-house efforts never achieve the same level of results. Our services assist organizatons in identifying and adapting the most appropriate standards for te types of problems being addressed today. Typical efforts usually include some combination of ISO 9000 and ISO 1400 for general compliance, as well as many more domain specific content standards such as ISO 17799 for security, and a full range of IEEE software engineering standards.