The DOQS Project Lifecycle (including Handbook, Checklists, and Forms) is the internal pseudo-waterfall project lifecycle used by Data-Oriented Quality Solutions whenever working with clients who do not themselves have an adequate project lifecycle process to assure project success. The lifecycle includes process maturity requirements consistent with SEI SW-CMM Level 2 behaviors.

DOQS Project Lifecycle Handbook

DOQS Project Scorecard


DOQS Service Request Form

DOQS Project Charter Form

DOQS Risk Assessment Form

DOQS Issue Report Form

DOQS Phase Assessment Form

DOQS Approval Form

DOQS Status Report Form


DOQS Overall Project Phase Checklist

DOQS Initiation Phase Checklist

DOQS Analysis Phase Checklist

DOQS Bid & Contract Phase Checklist

DOQS Design & Build Phase Checklist

DOQS Accept & Implement Phase Checklist


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