Your fully encompassing stakeholder model.™

The success of any enterprise - private or public, profit or nonprofit - in the twenty-first century is highly correlated with an understanding and appreciation of all of the enterprise's stakeholders. Historically, information technology efforts, even in the largest organizations, have failed to properly internalize an enterprise's stakeholder data; instead building one-off limited silos of information regarding customers, suppliers, employees, and regulators. These silo implementations have been used to support a large variety of information technology efforts throughout most organizations.

ENCOMPASS™ is a pre-modeled customizable solution to the on-going problem of stakeholder management. From the simplest need to manage names and addresses of all stakeholders, to understanding and maintaining the diverse relationships between and among them, to the ability to map internal assets to the events and services that these stakeholders require, ENCOMPASS™ provides a comprehensive model that can be integrated into new or existing enterprise information systems.

Most information technology organizations spend their considerable resources building and managing application systems in support of en enterprise's core competencies and mission critical events. The definition and establishment of stakeholder information - whether customer data for order processing applications, supplier data for material requirements planning applications, or employee data for human resource management applications - all organizations end up modeling, maintaining, and managing the same basic stakeholder information requirements.

The essence of ENCOMPASS™ is that there is something in common about customers, suppliers, vendors, employees, regulators, contractors, agents, and a host of other personal and organizational entities that can be defined as a generic organizational stakeholder. The similarities among stakeholders vastly exceed their differences. In turn, stakeholders are related and interact in myriad ways, and these interactions result in service events that require enterprise assets to be satisfied, producing documentation that traces and follows the carrying out of these events.

The management of service events, and the documentation associated with them, is primarily the job of the various information systems applications around the enterprise. The need to define the stakeholder meta-data needed to support these applications is usually relegated to the component of the primary activity that processes the events. ENCOMPASS™ provides a comprehensive and independent model for an enterprise to gain proactive control of its stakeholder information.

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