The Disbursed Domain Paradigm

The Disbursed Domain Paradigm attempts to consolidate data type domains that share common characteristics into a common single entity type in the model. These data type domains often collapse into the unique identifier of some previously omitted entity type.


  • Normalization attempts to isolate data entities and attributes to focused areas of the model.
  • Traditionally, little effort is made to normalize domain characteristics, even though they proliferate throughout the model in ways similar to attributes.
  • Common domians are consolidated by positing the existence of some new entity type that uses the common domain to define its unique identifier.
  • While such consolidation can be done mechanically, the business sense of the created entity type is left to the analyst and customer.
  • Trigger

  • The occurence of similar or identical domains to describe the contents of data types that appear disbursed over attributes throughout the model.

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