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The design and development of data warehouses is a cornerstone service provided by our team. The collection and aggregation of data from across an enterprise into a consolidated warehouse for analytics and reporting has grown in functionality and maturity over the past 30 years.  Our specialty is the star-schema model based on combinations of fact and dimension tables. Our first implementation of such a star design was for a client in 1979, and we've been improving our general design ever since.  We emphasize designs that are highly extensible and that require very minimal maintenance.

Warehousing Basics

Is your organization prepared to begin a Data Warehousing initiative? This primer can help to establish the scope of a data warehousing project, as well as the constraints and necessities required by your organization.

DOQS Data Warehouse Primer

DOQS Star Schemas

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Healthcare Warehousing

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Warehousing Pitfalls

Current difficulties associated with Data Warehousing:

DOQS Warehouse Design for the Future


Warehouse Consulting

Review & Readiness Assessment

DOQS Review Prioritization Worksheet

Warehousing Requirements & Needs Assessment

DOQS is happy to identify your organization's specific requirements. Project assignments and activities typically include many of the following:

Elicit and document business requirements for the Data Warehouse through interviews, focus groups, and other internal information searches.

Develop an Enterprise Data Model that describes the organization’s data, as well as the regulatory and socioeconomic environment in which it operates.

Define a conceptual overview of how the warehouse will fit into the current structure, and the expected organizational, operational, and informational impacts it will be expected to have.

Develop a comprehensive Logical Data Model for the warehouse through the elicitation and documentation of a set of Subject Area Data Models that encompasses the scale and scope of the warehouse against the overall Enterprise Data Model.

Define the set of functional requirements for the warehouse that will allow it to provide the necessary functionality needed to implement the overall system concept against the data included in the logical subject areas that have been agreed to be within the scope.

Architectual Design

Design is unique to your organization's specific reuirements and desires for a data warehouse. Project assignments and activities during the design phase typically include many of the following:

Define a logical database design that contains the subset of logical data needed to implement the initial conceptual system under the defined functional requirements.

Define a pro forma physical database and application architecture that can be turned over to a more specialized design and build team for implementation.
Suggested Structures: DOQS Healthcare - Research - Clinical Star Schemas

Provide the selected implementation team with the necessary training and support to understand and use project models and deliverables.

Define the high-level functional specification for the warehouse applications that will meet the functional requirements within the initial designs proposed by the implementation team.

Develop a user and administrative testing and training strategy for the roll-out of implemented solutions as they become available from the implementation team.

Maintain an on-going and evolving roadmap and release strategy for the warehouse that maps requirements and capabilities against a seasonal development and roll-out schedule.

Data Quality Curation

Curation services include:

Semantic Interoperabilty

Suggested Ontologies: Bioinformatic Research Organizations

Natural Language

Data Quality


Warehouse Architecture

Generic ETL


DOQS Heuristics

Some of the design heuristics include:

DOQS Customer - Provider Pathway

DOQS Warehouse Maturity Pathway

DOQS Bioinformatics Dimensions

DOQS Dimension Anatomy Pattern

DOQS Incident Management


Data Warehouse Education

The following Presentations are currently available:

Implementing a Healthcare Data Warehouse in One year (Or Less)
Originally presented at:
2012 HIMSS Annual Conference
Las Vegas, NV, USA - February 23, 2012

(Audio of Presentation)

Standardizing Data Dimensions of Healthcare Data Warehouse
Originally presented at:
2010 HIMSS Annual Conference 
Atlanta, GA, USA - March 3, 2010

Ontology-Based Data Warehouse Dimensional Design
Originally presented at:
2009 OOPSLA International Workshop on Ontology-Driven Software Engineering (ODiSE)
Orlando, Florida, USA - October 25, 2009

Clinical Quality Measurements in a Hospital Data Warehouse
Originally presented at:
2008 HIMSS Annual Conference
Orlando, FL, USA - February 24, 2008

Data Quality Measurements in a Hospital Data Warehouse
Originally presented at:
ASQ International Conference on Software Quality (ICSQ07)
Denver, Colorado, USA - May 31, 2007