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Organizational development must occur within the context of the strategic direction in which that organization must be able to move. Agreeing with Covey's principle to "begin with the end in mind," we emphasize developing an effective organizational mission that supports a clearly articulated vision.

Strategic Planning

Effective continuous improvement requires that an organization establish a sound basis and context for teams and individuals to focus effort toward improvements. Our services include assisting organizations and work groups as they struggle to identify or clarify their vision, mission, goals, and values. This increase clarity forms an attractor against which on-going improvement efforts can be targeted and measured.

Organizational Development Education

This series of courses covers the organizational skills and methods necessary to assure a successful organizational environment for implementing the skills acquired in other series within this curriculum. Beginning with organizational planning, and continuing with team and personal skills and processes, this series focuses on establishing an organizational culture and capability in which other more technical models and capabilities can be implemented.

Mission-Focused Planning

Failure to identify the business context for process improvement results in the adoption of solutions that can fail to resolve genuine underlying problems. Why is so much money and time being spent on process improvement programs that do not result in improvements? This seminar offers the missing link: a goal-oriented framework that integrates the various components of business strategy, process management, and measurement.