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Standards represent the knowledge management of an industry or discipline.  Too many of our clients waste inordinate resources trying to develop their own internal standards for domains that are already well covered in the industry.  Our training and project support emphasizes identifying and adopting external standards, and then developing internal tailoring guidelines for adapting he implementation of those standards to organizational specifics.  The synergy allows the broader industry to absorb the energy of overall standards maintenance, while allowing the organization to adapt and benefit quickly from that work.  The core metric we focus on with clients is the percentage of an organization's activities are covered by one or more adopted standards.  Toward that end, we usually begin wit big broad standards that cover a lot of what an organization needs, and then drill down into specifics using narrower and narrower standards.

Standards Integration

"Synergy through adoption and adaptation."

There are a large array of standards that cover and define domains of interest to information technology organizations and projects. Our research focuses on identifying touchpoints between quality models and information technology project practices that can be used to enable effective standards compliance that adds value to project efforts without causing excessive or counterproductive burdens.


Research is oriented toward understanding, applying, and extending the concepts embodied in various industry-wide paradigms, namely:

W. Edwards Deming's 14 Quality Principles

SEI's Capability Maturity Models

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program

John Zachman's Framework for Information Systems Architecture

QAI's Strategic Approach to Information Technology Quality

ISO 9000 Quality Management Standard

S. Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People